Bright Apartment in Barcelona
Bright Apartment in Barcelona

The historical value of this building almost inevitably dictated the choice of the architectural practice to which we would entrust its protection and enrichment. Namely, the team of Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova, who ably envisioned and oversaw its interior design, and with whom the owners of the apartment and the creative team have had a strong and successful partnership over many years.

The space, with its long meandering corridors and ceilings disappearing into lofty heights, demanded special treatment, to protect and emphasise the unique details of interior design which, ultimately, define its character and style.

The new project of Oleg and Anna is possibly their most touching homage to Barcelona. Its uniqueness is first and foremost about the reverence with which the authors interpret the historical heritage of the ancient Barcino. Oleg and Anna have chosen to observe, respect and draw upon existing elements of beautiful workmanship, making these reference points and design landmarks for their modernising transformations.

It is this mosaic that has become the hero of the Barcelona project: sculptural minimalism of space, an abundance of light and uplifting, lofty ceilings have become the perfect setting for the gem of the mosaic theme which authors of the project have tried to capture with their inherent sensitivity and subtlety.

Oleg and Anna have made a strategic decision to emphasise the advantages of the interior environment by ingeniously placing accents. They have chosen white as a background; neutral walls favourably accentuate active details which visibly dominate the space, simultaneously filling even small areas with air and light.

Speaking of retrieval: the discovery and sensitive extraction of vintage features, often disguised under thick layers of paint by previous owners, utterly fascinates Anna. She decided to restore antique locks, door handles and window hinges by converting them to their pristine state. So, the team patiently unearthed missing parts and other neglected treasures at Barcelona bazaars and flea markets.

The result exceeded even the boldest of expectations: the shine has returned to the complex patina of ancient materials and metals and has reinvigorated the confident charm and glamour of the old house.